Introduction to the other sphere of consciousness. The first series of constants

«In addition to everything that people know about the number of time being counted, in nature there are uncountable qualities of time.

These qualities are not yet subject to man, otherwise people would have long ago mastered the technique of movement in the cosmos of time, instead of the irrational movement in the cosmos of space.

The cosmos is grandiose not so much as a difference in distance, but as a difference in time. However, in the present, man is judged unequivocally about time. He believes that time is universal and unrepeatable. This definition limits human thought and does not give the opportunity to get a more extended view of time. In general, this definition is the only special case that is true only for the surface and sphere of influence of the Earth.

Now the main thing.

1. For man being emerging into the outer cosmos, the universality of the intrasplanetary time becomes invalid.

How is time from cosmos positions reappraised?

The time of periodic revolution of a planet is the frequency of its rotation around the luminary per one cycle. Since for the Earth this natural frequency is 365.25, for other planets it is unique.

2. An astronaut, moving away from the surface of his native planet, comes out of the sphere of influence of his own time. Approaching another planet, he falls into the sphere of influence of another own time – another own cosmic frequency (hereinafter: OCF).

3. The sphere of influence of another OCF is a real, but not a visual sphere, the volume and force of influence of which decrease directly proportional to the distance from a planet. This force is provided by the energy of a planet that intelligently regulates and stabilizes its constant own cosmic frequency.

4. Since the biorhythm of the organism and the heart of a terrestrial astronaut are generated and tuned to the OCF of his native planet, another rhythm will be imposed on another planet, incompatible and incommensurable in strength and frequency with the OCF of the native planet. At today's level of scientific development, a stable biorhythm is not trained in restructuring to other OCFs. So a terrestrial astronaut will make an irreparable mistake by approaching another planet without a correcting capsule, as a result of which a tragedy is imminent. Preparing unprotected man for sending to Mars is absurd! Our apparatuses always equalize the frequencies by rotating the apparatuses themselves, tuning to the OCFs of sought planets.

5. But that's not all. Suppose an astronaut has a capsule that is tuned and supports inside of it the OCF of the native planet, protecting the astronaut from the force of influence of another planet. In this case, can man objectively characterize the environment of another planet? Can earthly devices do this?

Neither the human sense organs (vision, etc.) nor earthly devices are able to accurately and objectively characterize the environment of any other planet without correction because the sense organs are evolutionarily, and human devices are automatically, tuned in accordance with their own, and no other, OCF. Any readings of earthly devices are derived from the fixed standard of the OCF.

Until man enters into his visual devices the corrective element that will be responsible for real recalculation of the OCF, taking into account the coefficient of a difference of OCFs and their derivatives, until then, the Earth will receive misinformation about the environment of other planets.

If information taken from other planets by earthly devices tuned for the fixed OCF is invalid, then the astronaut's sense organs will be "blind", and the true reality of another planet will be invisible. The astronaut will see only an illusion – a distorted reality, even if the capsule of his ship is tuned to the native OCF for self-preservation.

This illusion gives rise to a false representation of terrestrial scientists of the twentieth century that life on other planets is absent, that, they say, life is a privilege and accidental uniqueness only for the planet Earth. This is the greatest illusion at this stage.

6. When time is reappraised as OCF, the basic law of the relationship between frequency and wave automatically comes into force, namely: a frequency is inversely proportional to a wavelength, and vice versa.

Relying on the fundamental law of conservation of energy and its transformation from one species to another, it follows that the force of planetary cosmic frequency is converted into its own wave of matter. Since a frequency is realized in a wave, then all the real and phenomenal reality of the material world follows from here.

In other words, since the existence of the real wave material world is provided by its conversion from the OCF of rotation of a planet, the appearance of the material wave world is phenomenal.

7. Moreover, since the fixed energy of the OCF of rotation of a planet as a whole generates the entire range of its derivatives: frequencies of waves in the descending sequence of the natural series, up to the frequency of rotation of electrons around atomic nucleus, this fixed measure is not applicable to other objects of the cosmos.

From this it follows that the slightest change in OCF inevitably violates the entire evolutionary mood not only in the biosphere, but in the entire environment. The consequence of the change may be earthquakes and other catastrophes of the lithosphere, up to the mass extinction of biological species because of incompatibility of the old and the new OCF. Therefore, the existence of the environment on a planet in three dimensions and states is ensured by the next – the fourth dimension – time, or more precisely – by own cosmic frequency.

If the frequencies of rotation of electrons around atomic nucleus are provided as the derivatives of the fixed standard of the OCF of one planet, how can people determine the nature of the "information", for example, obtained from Venus by instruments made on the Earth? Obviously, all so-called "hydrochloric" rains on Venus in the reality of the OCF of this planet will not be such as they appear to man and his instruments. All the data obtained from Venus, as well as other planets, is misinformation.

8. From the postulate of the OCF and its derivatives, down to the frequencies of rotation of electrons around atomic nucleus, it follows that all representations of the earthlings about the chemical composition of other planets, luminaries and the universe in general at this stage and level of development are invalid.

Moreover, for the same reason, on this level, all representations about the cosmos in the form that it is a space that can be overcome and measured by a rectilinear ray of light at its speed, i.e. by the time of passage of light in this space, measured by earthly instruments by intrasplanetary measures, are misinformation ...

9. Since light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a derivative obtained through refraction of OCF, this derivative, called "light", will always be different in the spheres of rotation and influence of other OCFs.

In other words, every planet has its own light ...

For this reason, all ideas about the chemical composition of other planets, luminaries and galaxies, which are made on the basis of the spectral analysis, are absurd.

10. In general, in a galaxy there can not be the same OCF, because according to the law of resonance, equal OCFs will influence and break the frequency of rotation like this. Such influence would exclude freedom of development, which is a prerequisite for self-organization.

Because of incommensurability of OCFs, it follows that earthly instruments are incapable of observing and detecting the OCFs of other planets of other luminaries. But this does not mean that the luminaries do not have planets.

11. At present, the Earth has mastered only a particular case of moving in the limit of its fixed OCF in the range: from high speed of rotation of propellers and wheels to reactive overcoming of the planet's influence.

However, such operations do not change the constant itself: man and his devices remain tuned to the OCF, and wherever reactive traction took them away, the man and his capsule remain within the intraplanetary vision and perception through their OCF.

Therefore, for the transition from movement in the space of the sphere of influence of one OCF to movement in the spaces of the spheres of influence of different OCFs the load-bearing force is required, which creates a difference in the potentials of OCFs that made by special systems.

Our apparatuses with this difference in OCFs, in which the gravity of its OCF is reduced to zero, overcome the grandeur of the cosmos – by changing of the OCF, but not by overcoming of a distance. They are tuned to the OCF of a sought planet in approximately the same way as a man tunes to a desired frequency in the radio range, and, tuned into resonance, fall out in the sphere of the planet’s influence.

12. Our apparatuses do not fly. Being in the sphere of influence of another planet, a pilot "flips the tumbler" to move already on the derivatives of OCF by an order of magnitude lower. This explains huge speed. The apparatuses do not have a "fuel" as such. They move due to the excess energy of the OCFs, which saturates the field of the universe – due to a difference in the potentials between OCFs, or the sum of OCFs – "super-time". But the detailed information is dangerous for you as long as there is at least one military man or one eager to seize power on the planet.»


  © Mikhail Yeltsin, Nikolay Lebedev. 1989. "Death of UFO pilots"

  1989. Library of the newspaper "Komsomolets of Kyrgyzia"