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Hello all. My name is Nikolay Sukhorukov. I love science which I have been doing for many years as an independent researcher. As a result of my research, I have derived some amazing equations that can be considered as an indirect evidence of the connection between the macro- and microcosm, as well as the uniqueness of the Earth and the Sun. When I first derived the equation relating the average radius of the Earth and the geocentric constant to some fundamental physical constants of quantum physics, it could still be assumed that this is a strange coincidence.

But now, after I have derived other equations relating the gravitational parameters of the Earth and the Sun to the fundamental physical constants, there can hardly be any doubt that this is not a coincidence, and I am sure I am moving in the right direction. Some equations published on this site may not have detailed descriptions of the way they were derived. This means that I am almost sure of their truth, but I am not yet ready to publish my reasonings. However, if a topic has a more detailed description, then at the bottom of the topic page under the labels "Source" and "Discussion", there are links to the detailed description and/or discussions on Internet forums.

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